Stage size: 12' width x 10' deep. Length: 40 minutes to one hour Designed for family audiences of 25 to 100 people.

"Myth Adventures"
A puppet variety show featuring "Jack & the Beanstalk" with music, hand-puppets, and interactive fun. Perfect for 3 years old and up. Length can be adjusted from 15 minutes to one hour.

“Nile’s Journey – A Baby Camel’s Story”
Rod puppets tell the original Christmas-time tale of Niles on the biggest journey of his life. The baby camel learns how to be good and brave and true as he meets many helpful friends.

“Ugly Duckling"
Hand & rod puppets tell the magical tale of Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the little guy born in the wrong nest.

“Emperor’s New Shell” - Coming in the Spring of 2011

Music, mask & puppet shows that require audience participation.
Length can be adjusted from 20 to 45 minutes.

"Brementown Musicians"
Four aging animals journey together and discover they can "have
a limitless view of what they can do." Totally recycled materials
used in masks, pupets & instruments.

The classic story from Italy is about three kings and an old woman who loves
cookies. Audience interaction and participation are needed to tell the story of
 the Christmas Star.

Created for small spaces and small size audiences up to 30 people, or as a repeated busking performance.

“The Cutter Of Stone”: A Table Top Theatre
The story of a lowly stone cutter and how his greed leads him to interesting ends is told with original music accompaniment for the little puppets. ("Jack & the Beanstalk" also available)

“Victorian Toy Theatre”
A very rare opportunity to experience an old style paper puppet theatre with period stories and traditional musical instruments. "Jack the Giant Killer" and "La Befana" are also available in this format.
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     Nile`s Journey
    Myth Adventures
  Ugly Duckling
Victorian Toy Theatre

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La Befana